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April 14, 2014 at 10:12 PM 0 Comments

Go-to-market top 5 checklist items for tech products

By Peter Wharton

So you have a product that will change the world?  Excellent! Better make sure it’s really ready for the world. Lack of proper planning for the most basics things will stop your launch in its tracks.

1. Set realistic launch dates

You are truly confident that the product will be ready as specified for the launch date - hardware, software, accessories, packaging, user guides, warranty statements, shipping cartons before communicating externally i.e. to channel partners, press, end users etc. Nothing destroys credibility than continually resetting product availability – no matter the internal pressure from executives, it’s far wiser to add some padding and then launch early than continually communicate delays.

2. Cost targets reached

The product cost target will be reached including transportation fees, any ecology taxes, royalties and license fees. There’s nothing worse than ...

March 18, 2012 at 6:12 PM 1 Comments

Quick start international business development checklist

By Peter Wharton

Expanding your business beyond the borders of your local comfort zones is a big step for any company. 

Investing in a big push won’t guarantee success, but trying to ‘organically’ grow with negligible investment from the glass tower will be doomed to failure in most cases if you need to sell through any channel other than solely your own on-line sales.

There are countless considerations to take into account, but these should be on the top of your list.



1.     Ensure your marketing basics are in order

Brand discipline - normally the brand identity should already be solidly set in stone if you already have an established local business but if you don’t have it tied down imagine the mess when pushed out in ...

January 29, 2012 at 9:54 PM 2 Comments

Old school communications vs hip digital campaigns

By Peter Wharton

One of the questions I am most frequent asked is ‘’what is the most effective way to promote my products and services – traditional or digitized social media?’’ whatever the industry.

So what's most effective?

1.     Twitter and blogs versus PR?

2.     Websites versus tradeshows?

3.     On-line display ads versus print and outdoor?

4.     YouTube versus TV and radio?

5.     Webinars versus ‘live’ training sessions?


Usually this isn’t the most pressing issue to be tackled by far.  Ensuring there are clear business and marketing objectives,  forming the basis of a strong brand, defining go-to-market and marketing strategies obviously need to be defined and agreed first. However, assuming this is all in place, here’s my take on battle between traditional and digital.  ...

November 15, 2011 at 10:55 AM 1 Comments

Top 5 errors companies make expanding into Asia

By Peter Wharton

While the US and European economies struggle the Asia-Pacific region is experiencing very healthy growth rates and so has become a focus for western based companies to develop their business. 

 Back in August I highlighted errors repeated frequently by American companies building businesses in Europe. Developing a business in Asia sees similar errors being made plus several others particular to that market.

Depending on your resources and budget you can be very localised in your approach to each country but kicking off a business in this enormous and mostly booming region often means finding a compromise in addressing this continent as a whole. 

Assume everyone speaks English

Singapore and Australia doesn’t make Asia! Make sure you cover your bases and launch in the larger countries, especially China, India, South Korean and Japan.

Assume there is one Chinese language

Mandarin is spoken enormously more than Hong Kong Cantonese so make sure you weigh up  ...